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Fast Rising Nigerian Producer Has Revealed The Secret In His Energy Today

Joe revealed in an interview that his journey as a producer began when he was age twelve (12). As a little boy with zeal for all things that are thrown at him, he found himself in a church around the area he grew up which was not the Church he was born into; his mum who was a deaconess in the church he was raised, was kind enough to release them to worship in a different church not too far from their home, at that time.

This said church just had only a set of three skin drums that they beat with hands and three sets of sambal, and as expected, everyone with musical interest want to be the one playing, which created a healthy competition among the players; not too long from the time Mr. Joey joined this said church, the church began buying other instruments like the keyboard, bass, and others but seeing them as children they were not giving the opportunity to even get close to the keyboard, as it was like the most valuable in the church list of items as of the said time but that did not stop Mr joey’s interest for the instrument

The most interesting part was Mr. Joey got more inspired when he met a friend of the pastor’s son who was the Church’s present keyboardist. The Pastors son was very good at protecting his space which never stopped a gift Mr. Joe has, just let him see you doing anything, he can replicate it, but it can only take time. This gift the pastor’s son was not aware

After a while, the friend of the pastor’s son who was a better pianist came with the pastor’s son from school to visit their church because there was a program in their church that day upon their arrival at the synagogue Mr. Joe was on the keyboard trying out what he had seen other keyboardists play, and the pastor son was very angered and so much aggression he was moving as though he was to harm Mr. Joey but the friend calmed the pastor’s son and encouraged Mr. Joe to continue practicing and give Mr. Joe any invite to be visiting his home.

At the arrival of MR. Joey met the pastor’s son’s friend where he scores songs, which was another eye-opener for Mr. Joe. As an Assignment, he starts giving him tapes to check out,t and not long Mr. Joe was the number one keyboardist in his local church.

Later the church bought a bass guitar and Mr. Joey was discouraged that his hands were too small, so he gave up his interest later in his journey, he was privileged to see a seven (7) year-old playing bass as though he was advanced.

That experience thought Mr. Joey to teach all ages with the mindset that the younger ones can be more focused on learning with a teacher that has the right techniques to teach they will get better results.

Mr. Joe also revealed his experience that there were days when the only access to the Church where the keyboard resides was not possible through the main entrance to the church so he had to climb the burglary and enter through the roof to enter the church for rehearsal purposes.

it was so challenging many times the pastor and others will come to do vigil prayers and Mr. Joe will have to get behind the contents of the altar to hide and will sleep off there till the next morning so that they will not see him and raise unnecessary alarms. He also states he is not saying anyone should do that now our days as the risk was high that he took just to own music today.

After a while, the challenge started coming from his family as his parents started getting curious about where he goes to that he will not tell them off for the fear of them coming to get him out of his place of rehearsal. He was not the playful type his parents knew, his roots were always predictable and they will find him in whatever location he stated was his new playground.

He stated that today it looks as though the roots have been smooth. In his final words, he said music comes with so much sacrifice; be willing to pay the price per time to attain your desired goal. Peace.

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