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How do I know if I am following the leading of the holy spirit? The Pentecost Retreat will bring your body and soul induced to the Holy Spirit

God so loved man that he will not leave anyone alone, whether saved or unsaved. THE HOLY SPIRIT is not first to give you Presence or Power like people carnally desire or wish, but to do two things;
1, Make you a part of God’s Agenda and;
2, Bring you into Adoption as a Son in The Kingdom of his dear Son Jesus.

How many of us have allowed Him to work these in us? The Pentecost Retreat is a program designed to help you seek the father with the right heart condition.

Each section is prepared for Your transition through Retreat, ensure you participate!

Venue: I S C prayer ground, Emeka street via Seto, Ilogbo eremi oko AFO badagry Lagos.


Your spiritual health Matters to Us! ❤️

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