About Us

Peoples’ Connect is an organization with the sole aim of building independent performers and connecting them with their establishment in God and men

We are here for your satisfaction

Our Values

Peoples‘ Connect is an entertainment body with a strong desire to holding hands with upcoming artist and managing events of all capacity. People Connect provides all solutions for entertainment business

Peoples’ Connect was founded for the purpose of reaching singers, event planners, managers, and all those in careers related to showbiz who have not been given the platforms they deserve to express themselves, and we join forces to ensure the smooth running of their careers with the right advice to enable their success in the entertainment industry.

From the wealth of experience gathered from various clients with different tastes and challenges, we have come to understand, to a large extent, why it works for some and does not for others when doing the same music or events, and we are available to guard each client’s rights.

Our most targeted customers are the music makers, event creators, planners, and their users.

Peoples’ Connect is here to fasten your work with the minimum cost.

Our specialty

We stand in and spend the extra time that will enable an event to light up all that experience its flow, present and after.


We Pride Ourselves on Providing Exceptional Services from the beginning to the end of your style of event. We Are Your One-Stop event planning and management company.

Our Clients

We guide every aspect of our clients' careers by counseling them on professional decisions and opportunities and overseeing their work to ensure they do not go amiss.

Our focus

We look forward to having you have a better understanding of our views and structure.


To be the center that inspire creativity to all levels of performers


To enrich the ideas of all content creators and help expand their scope


1. To enhance the effectiveness of the creator. 2. To examine the industry growth and set standards. 3. To promote, develop and stimulate the growth of the creator.


Sound of hope

President's Welcome Message

Good Day, Ladies and gentlemen. What a joy to have you stop by each time! We count it a privilege to have you share with us your strength.
We are delighted to welcome you all, especially those who stop by daily to get our updates as well as those who are new to our activities.
Peoples’ Connect is an entertainment company with the sole aim of building independent artists and event creators and connecting them to their establishment in God and men.
If this is your first time here, we are super excited to have you on board. Always remember, we are here because of your next success story.
So a very warm welcome to every one of you once again.
If you have any questions, suggestions, clarifications, or just want to say “hi”, you can reach us at admin@pplesconet.com or WhatsApp at +234803 215 5367.
Thank you very much. Until we come your way again, enjoy every moment of life. Peace be unto you.

Lifted Serimone Emontonghan