Peoples' Connect Agenda | @peoplesconnect | #peoplesconnect

The Agenda 2023

The CEO of Peoples’ Connect, Lifted Serimone Emontonghan, has revealed plans the team has put in place to affect the African entertainment industry and beyond positively.

He also stated that this year is great, but every artist that will succeed and affect their generation this year must be willing to put their hopes into action and give up rituals that don’t work.

He said no one should think he or she will get a different result if they continue doing things the same way as in previous years.

The key to major success will only come with a change of mind. Being willing to change principles if they do not produce the desired result and not being afraid to try new ground

In conclusion, he said everyone should have an open mind and face the future with all the forces available. Peace

Peoples’ Connect Agenda | @peoplesconnect | #peoplesconnect
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