The Origin Of Death And How to Avoid Dying

The Heavens were first created by God and God created the earth and the sky for man’s dominion because of his love for mankind and so that they would have the same freedom as God in heaven on earth to do as they pleased. Man was therefore created in God’s likeness, and as a sign of love, man was endowed with free will and equal authority with God almighty.

The angels God created were ministering spirits to himself and man, yet he allowed man the freedom to live like God, his Father. The man was not the only unique creature God created. God made all things and saw them to be beautiful without fact

The introduction of death was the willpower God gave man that qualified him to live in liberty, but God expected the man to remember his creator and work according to his will even though he had the power to do whatever he chose as a sign of his love and submission to God. This great gift of liberty is man’s greatest test from generation to generation, and the failure of man to fulfill his will is the introduction of weakness and death to the race of mankind.

The first man was given a garden with four streams with all fruits and animals looking beautiful in one accord, but there was a warning given to him. In the middle of the garden was a tree that represents disobedience, and God instructed the man not to eat out of that fruit; the day he did, he would have introduced death to the earth and all living things. Man, out of curiosity and the willingness to know, disobeyed the voice of God and worked in his liberty, and so was the first separation between man and God, his source introduced. As promised, weakness stepped into the race of men, so death entered the midst of those who were meant to live forever.

The English Dictionary defines death as “the cessation of life and all associated processes; the end of an organism’s existence as an entity independent from its environment and its return to an inert, nonliving state.” With the separation of the first man from God, death began a movement that, after a while, registered itself as a natural part of the life cycle that is inevitable. All things die with time, no matter how well they are planned. This procedure the earth cannot overcome as long as the earth remains, seedtime remains, and harvest remains.

Effects of Death: Death has the power to bring immense sadness and loss to those whom they love. If not done carefully, death could drive even those who lost their love to die, as it introduces a lot of pain in the hearts of those left behind.

Death inspires people to live their lives to the fullest and make the most of their time, knowing they are on a journey that will not last forever. So every step that they believe is taking them a step closer to dying drives them to be the best each time.

Those that work in this consciousness redeem every moment and get the best out of their time with footprints left behind. Such men are sometimes the ones who go the extra mile to achieve what others might see as impossible.

Ways to avoid death: Knowing that everyone will die one day is the number one step to avoiding death happening suddenly. On Earth, there are a lot of factors that can cause untimely death, and consciousness keeps men in check on what they get involved with and their lifestyles to avoid it coming when it is not yet time.

The first quality for one to remain on earth is having an healthy body, and the enemy knows this, so you see men that should have done great things ending up as sickly if not watched, some even die suddenly. As we know, if a person gets sick of some illness in his mid-twenties, he may not stay as long as expected because the body will have won out in the process. So to avoid dying, one must maintain his body, which qualifies him to stay alive on earth. There is no guaranteed way to avoid death, as it is a natural process that occurs in all living beings. Some people try to prolong their lives through a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and medical treatments, but ultimately, death will happen to everyone as long as the earth remains.

Is death punishment? Some believe that death is a punishment for sin, while others see it as a necessary part of the natural cycle of life. After the fall of man from glory, weakness entered the earth, and if the man was to live forever with a sickly, struggling, and much denial, how can that be called a gift? God, being a just Father who knows what is best for his children, will not allow a man to suffer for so long; he promises that after you have suffered for a while, death became necessary but not on a punishment. The works of all men will be judge but not the moment they die.

As all dead will rise again at the last day, “the great day of the Lord,” and they will then be judged. Everyone that falls and dies as long as the earth remains only moved from the physical earth to continue in eternity, until the last day, both the dead and the alive will be called up for judgment.

Finally, staying alive is a period in which every man is offered an opportunity to fulfill a purpose and submissions to the will of the father is tested, and death marks the end of such a purpose and the rewards of deeds. So we can only do and stay right in the will of the Father if we wish for a Weldon at the end of time.

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