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The President Speech in independence day 2023

An Address by the CEO of Peoples’ Connect on the Occasion of the Independence Day Anniversary on Sunday, October 1, 2023

Beloved countrymen and women in various aspects of entertainment, on this day, sixty-three years ago, the journey and struggle for the stadium began with so many contributing their beat and passing on. Nigerian entertainment so far has made a clean break in the international market, with a lot of trends coming from our hard-working performers and emerging as high-flyers among other nations. Our great nation has recorded awards that are remarkable in this special year.

We are all witnessing the rising of the Nigeria flag in the entertainment industry as our independent artists keep rising and overtaking other races, making our great nation stand out as a nation to be respected in the entertainment business.
We now live in the future, which our great legend believed in, worked toward, and died trying to enjoy in their days. The future is here; we are the inheritors of a great legacy that goes even farther into the past.

As great as the level of effort independent entertainers from different parts of the country are putting into the general growth we record today, there is still a great need for more hands on deck and the need to work together to increase the growth speed. As unstable as the outcome of our efforts can be, it can be more predictable if our voices become one.

On this special day as we celebrate the diversity of languages, ethnic groups, and cultures, let’s do well to work towards unity of purpose, which will be a great source of strength in our advancement. If any entertainer has offended you, it is time to let go of our differences and place the greater need to come together to build a new industry.

We also celebrate the patriotism of our heroes in the past: Peter King, Stephen Osita Osadebe, Victor Olaiyea, Christy Essien-Igbokwe, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Sam Loco Efe, Babatunde Omidina, Ibidun Igbhodalo, Herbert Macaulay, and several others who joined in laying the foundation we all enjoy today. We remember their contributions to the making of the Nigerian entertainment industry and the efforts of their successors since 1960. We also celebrate the unfailing optimism and resilience of Nigerians, who remain proud of our national identity abroad.

On this special day, I call on every Nigerian entertainer to remain steadfast, because our industry is indeed making progress. I call on every entertainer to rediscover that special spirit that enables us to triumph over every adversity as an industry. I bring to you today a message of renewed hope and faith in the immense possibilities that lie ahead. I assure you, you will continue to grow from strength to strength if you join forces with the cloud of entertainers that is adding effort.

Inclusion, the stadium is your rightful placement; arise in your spirit and start adding up each day. See you at the very top. Happy independence. 

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