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Why and How to Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life

There is a joy that is birthed in a success that is special to a man’s heart, which others may not appreciate because it is out of the norm. Purpose is the driving force that differentiates each person’s outcome in life. Sometimes, it may sound crazy what you find a purposeful man working on, sometimes without immediate profit.

Sometimes ago, a musician was told that if you continue doing this music thing, there is a great tendency that he will die. The answer to the statement was shocking; he said that even though music will not pay me my entire lifetime, I will continue loving and doing what I am doing now.

Purpose is a force in the minds of everyone who finds it.

What is purpose?

Purpose refers to the reason or objective behind something. It is the intention or aim that guides actions, decisions, and plans. Having a sense of purpose gives meaning and direction to one’s life and helps to prioritize goals and values. It can vary from person to person and encompass various aspects such as career, relationships, personal growth, or making a positive impact on the world. Ultimately, purpose gives individuals a sense of fulfillment, motivation, and satisfaction.

Purpose is a task that so many fail to achieve, so you see so many wandering day in and day out. People prefer working on others’ footprints to finding themselves, taking on a task before them, and finding their landmarks.

How to find your purpose

Each day is a black slate in the hands of each man, and every man is to paint his life the way it suits him or seek to know what has been written about him. This is why you see people in different places trying to inquire from different sources—prophets, native doctors, astrologers, tarot cards, and more—to know what is written on their part and to live their lives with spiritual guidance.

Others rewrite their story by doing what they like, as it is their life to live, not considering there is a creator and giver who has a purpose for the gift of life He gave. We all have one life to live and will give account for every one of our actions here on earth and beyond.

If you are part of them and want to find your own part in your journey on earth, then take into consideration the tips below as a matter of importance in search of your purpose in life.

Identify the things you care about, because whatever you do not give attention to may not be part of your purpose. Reflect on what matters most to you because those things that matter are always connected to achieving your purpose.

What can you spend your time doing without getting tired or bored, even when you are physically weak or sick? Recognize your strengths and talents.

Check closely with the people you admire, because people can be a mirror that reflects our desires and wants. We see things more clearly when we watch others do what we do, and we can see errors that are not obvious to others.

Whenever you get to a spot and you keep seeing what is not working, there is a possibility that it is being shown to you because you are destined to work on such matters, maybe for a short period, or it is in your purpose.

In the place of meditation, we are able to see our inner person, which has all the secrets written about us buried in it. Whether you believe it or not, this life is first spiritual; everything a man seeks is within him, but the ability to become still to the point of locating what we desire and seek is a journey some will not want to go through because of all the noise around a man.

There are things no man can help another man find, and purpose is one of them. If any man finds his purpose, he will most likely realize that it is a journey that is done alone without the help of friends, parents, or others. Some run to pastors and others, but on this matter, they can’t really help you find yourself; they can guide you, but that is not what anyone can do for another.

The day a man finds his purpose, he stops following others in their journey and starts going in his own direction in line with his purpose. It comes with a sudden change of taste, relationship, lifestyle, and more.

Be willing to find your purpose, as it comes with strength and speed to run continuously.

I cannot tell you that living a purposeful life will be easy. This lifestyle comes with plenty of discrimination and rejection at the beginning because men do not like changes that will bring about a change of status, as the holy book stated; the heart of man is desperately wicked, and no one can know it.

Purpose men of strengthened faith in hard times. They do not take no as the answer; it is either yes or yes in the direction that they have proposed in their hearts.

A lack of purpose will mess you up. Find your purpose with all your strength and join the stars in the sky.

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