History of lifted seromone emontonghan bio

History Of Lifted Serimone Emontonghan Biography

Lifted Serimone Emontonghan is a trumpeter, bandleader, and singer known for his songs like “About Time,” “Hold you” ”Standing firm” “Ebiefiye” and a lot more.

He is a native of the Izon tribe, in Nigeria. An all-star virtuoso, he came to prominence in 2011, influencing countless musicians with both his daring trumpet style and unique vocal, coordinating skills, and lifestyle.

Lifteds’ charismatic stage presence impressed not only the classic but all of popular music. He has recorded several songs and is still recording mind-blowing songs such as “Sweet waters” “Dream again”, “Hallelujah”, “help” and a lot more

Early Life

Lifted Emontonghan was born on December 24th, 1983 in Patani town, a neighborhood so bad that it was nicknamed “The Battlefield in his mind.

Lifted, had a difficult childhood as his father was a Pastor who was facing divorce challenges and had to raise him as a single parent. Lifted was obligated to leave school over and over again as his father was a minister that was a little bit unstable when it comes to staying in, partly it was the need to support his father’s ministry.

In the attempt to setting up a family business, Lifted was given a job to teach at a tender age in a school His Dad started and ran but in the name of a ministry that was not founded by him.

Lifted was also encouraged to sing and often invited to other churches to sing for the fun and appreciation of his gifting and also to home for meals.

So it continued still the enemies strike, Lifted and their family was fired out of the community during a community fight with the claim that his father was backing a candidate that was a threat to his opponent. Lifted and family was rescued out by night with a command of no return if we choose to live. 

In their new location, he received musical instruction on the trumpet and fell in love with music but his dad was not in support of this new derive as he was a strong looking healthy son, that should use his time for better stuff.

His father expected him to pick a better career, his father quote “Not a career that will constantly keep you at the mercy of your clients he will always remark” in 2007, LIfted was offered to play for a federal government formation band, where he raised to the position of the band leader after which he released his debut album and he immediately began dreaming of a life making music. 

One of the great trumpet players in town, “Gift”, began acting as a mentor, showing him the business of the horn and occasionally using him as a sub.

First Spouse

By the end of his twenties, Lifted had grown up fast. In 2015, he married Rejoice Blankson, a lady, with the sweet smile the world would expect. She was calm but not so gentle in organizing the affairs of her home, the third party’s voice she valued over her own lovely home so was the commencement of a stormy union marked by few arguments and no act of violence. 

Meanwhile, Lifted’s reputation as a musician continued to shake and threatened as the divorce was unacceptable to his audience and he could not manage the situation and maintain his name on stage. Instead of replacing the news, he replaced it with all the hard labor of building a brand, then the most popular brand in Nigeria as of then “Peoples’ Connect” which musicians turn to for support disappeared.

He was so done and stopped and stuck and returned to working manual labor jobs and began concentrating full-time on his retirement from the stage, he started his bar and started playing parties, and dances, every evening at his location. 

Beginning in 2019, Lifted started thinking of returning to active musicianship and soon closed down his bar and moved in search of music. It was on his arrival that Lifted honed his music reading skills and eventually had his first encounters with other jazz legends, including Peter Kings

Lifted started the #THECALLTOSTAGE in January 2021, under the umbrella of Peoples’ Connect, which is an annual event designed to pick up the next star the world awaits. This event had representatives from most African countries.

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