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The Search (Official Audio) By Lifted Serimone Emontonghan Drop 10th March 2023

In “The Search,” Lifted Serimone Emontonghan a fast-rising musician has drawn from the energies men are faced with daily. Using the dramatic competition between the upper and lower classes, he has set a balance that should lead to winning results every day. 

This song was inspired by a friend who had taken Lifted for granted in his successful creation. Time passed, and a friend, after trying severally to connect an upcoming singer to Lifted, by chance met in a location where Lifted was on his assignment. In the introduction, the lady worked him out because she expected to see a big man, only to meet him on stage two weeks later and fall on her knees, asking for a relationship that would have favored her mostly at that time. 

The soul-touching song will be dropping on March 10, 2023, at 00:30 hrs. Plan to be one of the first listeners; this song will create an energy that will set you ready to move to the next level. 

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