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Side Income Extension

Today, we begin by sharing our reflections on the importance of multiple revenue streams as systems continue to fail and quality fades every day.

What can we say if we choose not to develop several sources if the All-Powerful God built a garden with numerous streams flowing through it as an example of perfection?

If a man is bold and does great things, he will not be counted among the men who bought into the monthly job myth, which was created to enslave men’s minds and keep them trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Not that no one should work a monthly job, but the intention should be to keep it in mind as you pick it up. Monthly occupations are intended to raise the funds necessary for one to enter and pursue his mission and pay a wage.

When you’re not working for others, what do you do throughout the night?

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This is not to argue that nobody should work a monthly job, but the intention should be to keep it in mind while you go to work. Only when jobs are paid monthly in order to raise the money necessary for a guy to become independent

This means that you should spend the eight hours spread across the five days of the week in your job to pick up abilities that will be helpful in your purpose and still receive compensation while learning at the job daily, but 7 p.m. still roughly 5 a.m. of your daily schedule and will determine whether you ever break free from the vicious cycle you have been put in.

When you’re not working for others, what do you do throughout the night? Because of how potent the night is, fate is decided before dawn. Both your goal and how you use the time you have off from other people’s jobs are crucial. How regrettable that a a breadwinner does not invest in his future

You cannot choose whether you are born into a wealthy or a poor family, but you can choose whether you stay in poverty or work your way up by the decisions you make every day and the sacrifices you are ready to make.

As systems keep breaking down and quality deteriorates with time, today we start by discussing the value of having numerous sources of income.

We accomplish our goals little by little and step by step. There are always hidden opportunities in small doors, therefore that tiny opening in front of you that seems so insignificant could be the beginning of your big break. It’s possible that all it does is connect you. Never underestimate a little beginning since the outcome could be powerful.

Finding out and staying current with the latest facts are essential for climbing quickly. Information becomes outdated so quickly as time passes because everything is moving at the speed of light. If one does not update, one will appear deformed. 

Many people make the mistake of continuing their side hustle on their job forgetting every man’s fulfillment is buried in his work and not the jobs they are forced into to keep up, side hustle should be in one purpose because there won’t be any fulfillment if they are task one is forced into, which result, many people end up regretting it.

Learn everything that is accessible to you at job, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing your goals and maintaining your optimism because everything is ultimately yours to richly enjoy.

Start constructing and battling your way to the world you want. I’ll see you up there.

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