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Win The Rat Race Nigeria

In the modern period, one ought never to be involved in this race. It might also suggest a fight for dominance on a practical or material level.

Since the dawn of time, men have always wished for more, and their will to succeed has driven them to the point of greed. King Solomon lamented in the Holy Book that the heart never stops seeking for fulfillment and that the eyes are never pleased with what they see.

Despite how sinister it may appear, I as the author cannot condemn greed. Everyone’s unhappiness and desire for improved outcomes drives all upgrades, idea enhancements, and repackaging. Men therefore profit from men’s weakness and laziness and lack of specific goals.

As a result, you see men taking advantage of the fact that men are weak and lazy and lack motivation, leading to system manipulations and false information spreading faster than the truth.

Businesses are working hard to bring about their neighbor’s demise while ignoring that one tree cannot withstand high winds, storms, and rain.

Create the society you want to live in, and you’ll be able to escape the rat race, Nigeria.

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